Bank of China (Canada)

The inauguration of the Montreal branch of the Bank of China (Canada) was held Tuesday, October 8, 2013. This day also marks the 20th anniversary of the presence of the Bank of China (Canada) in Canada where the first office was opened in Toronto in 1993. On this occasion, the Bank of China (Canada) organized an Exhibition of Fine Arts held from October 9 to October 25 2013 in collaboration with Heenan Blaikie and the presence of the Sept Days newspaper.

Fine Arts Exhibition

The artist Po Shin Lau (樓寶善, 楼宝善) was invited to be part of the Fine Arts Exhibition

As admirers of fine arts, the staff of the Bank of China (Canada) invited 30 artists, mostly Chinese artists (20 in Toronto and 10 in Montreal) to exhibit two of their artworks for a total of 60 paintings in this exhibition.

Some of the artists at the opening ceremony

I therefore take this opportunity to introduce you to the different styles of work that were at the exhibition.

Ink Wash Paintings – Chinese Artists

Ink Wash Paintings

The wall along the entrance of the exhibition hall is mainly Ink Wash Paintings also called Chinese Paintings (国画 guó huà, which means “painting of the country”).

The Mountain and Rivers on Ink
by GUAN Huisheng

If you prefer a softer style of ink wash painting, an artwork at the entrance of the exhibition hall is so delicate. The artist ZHU Jun Shan has captured our attention with his work “Golden Autumn”.

Golden Autumn by ZHU Jun Shan

There were also ink wash paintings in color, and some emanate a more contemporary style. The two works of art below seems to be a combination of the Gong Bi style with a distinctive touch.

Landscape of Mountain and Water by LEI Jun
Red Rock Gorge in Henan Province by CAI Xianmou

In addition to landscapes, there were also works of art where human beings were presented. This is expressed by the artist CHEN Jiayou through his work “Spring Wind” where the fine lines are carefully demonstrated through the details, which is very representative of the Gong Bi style of ink wash painting.

Spring Wind by CHEN Jiayou

Abstract Ink Wash Paintings

The Xieyi ink wash painting also called Xieyi Chinese painting (which means “write the idea” or “write the intention”) is characterized by wide features, which is the opposite of Gong Bi where the emphasis is on the details. The work of the artist LIU Pingheng seems to be the Xieyi style combined with an abstract touch.

Beauty of Natural Landscape by LIU Pingheng

Oil Paintings by Chinese Artists

Arthentik’s exclusive artist, Mr. Po Shin Lau ( 樓寶善, 楼宝善) was also invited to exhibit his work at the event. The artist has chosen two works that represent the morning and evening of Montreal. Two works that demonstrate the talents of the painter for oil painting, and particularly for perspective. Several praises were received from the visitors during the event. 

Montreal, at Sunrise by LAU Po Shin
An Evening at Montreal Downtown by LAU Po Shin

With a distinct style, the downtown of Montreal is shown from a different angle through the brush of the artist YANG Pei. The colors of the fall clearly demonstrate the splendor of the downtown of Montreal.

Montreal by YANG Pei

By lighter colors and softer lines, the painting by the artist WANG Chui below gives us a very peaceful feeling.

Riverside Scenery by WANG Chui

You can discover more about this artist at the website of Le Balcon d’Art:

This exhibition organized by the Bank of China (Canada) has been a unique and long-awaited opportunity for several talented Chinese artists who, despite their notable works are still unknown to the public. This event was a first step to promote Chinese artists and a great opportunity for the public to discover these unique styles.

Hope that this first step is the beginning of many others that will follow!