1958 Yuyao – Lau Po shin (樓寶善, 楼宝善) 

Lau Po Shin – Difficult Journey of Life

My Autobiography

In his journey of life, Lau Po Shin, who was born in Shanghai in 1941, has discovered the art of photography, drawing, painting, engraving, etching and sculpture. Fate led him to become the first Chinese at the Monnaie de Paris in 1978 where he created three medals.

«…The next morning, about four o’clock, we were about twenty people who calmly walked to the edge of the sea in the darkness. I saw more or less clearly a small fishing boat floating up and down, guided by the waves of the sea. Someone said: “Fast, fast, fast!” We enter one after the other in the lower part of the vessel…»

Discover this artist through his autobiography which contains more than 30 photos and sketches that have never been published.

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