When a work of art, a painting, attracts the gaze of your eye again and again, this is the charm of art.

Lau Po Shin

As soon as he arrived in Quebec in the year 1994, the artist Lau Po Shin fell in love with the fascinating colors of the province through the different seasons. In order to bring a touch of originality to his works, Po Shin had the idea to use acrylic on Chinese paper. This technique brings out the transparency of the bright colors of the acrylic which is close to the effect of gouache with a sensation of oil painting. These works were created during the years 2016 and 2017 are sometimes of soft atmosphere while others are more expressive through the colors sometimes bright and dark. It is the change of seasons that the artist describes as an awakening of nature that explains these contrasts.

Acrylic by the artist Lau Po Shin (樓寶善, 楼宝善)