Author: Li Pei Ni (李培妮)
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Translation in English by: Karen Yu

Yuyao News Network (Yuyao reporter Li Pei Ni (李培妮)

Recently, Yuyao Museum has received more than 200 personal art works donated by Mister Po Shin Lau (樓寶善, 楼宝善), an artist living in Canada, including copper engravings (etchings), inkwash paintings, lino prints, acrylic paintings, oil paintings and ex-libris. There is also a calligraphy by Shiyi Lou, a published literary work and a family letter.

Po shin Lau, the picture comes from the Internet

It is understood that the Canadian artist Po Shin Lau was born in Shanghai in 1941. His ancestral home is Yuyao. He later moved to Hong Kong. He has studied in France twice. After completing his studies, he was invited to teach at a Hong Kong art and design college for ten years. In 1994, Po Shin Lau moved to Montreal, Canada, where he was engaged in painting creation, and his works of art have been exhibited locally.

“When I was young, I often felt happy when I saw beautiful things. This is a natural reaction of my innate nature. Therefore, as my lifelong pursuit, art has also become my must-go path. After 60 years of artistic career, I finally accumulated an amount of artworks that records the process and results of my artistic creation. During my lifetime, some of my works should be presented to the people in my hometown.” This is the original intention of Po Shin Lau who mentioned it in his letter to donate his personal artworks.

Po Shin Lau lived with his grandfather in his hometown Yuyao for two years when he was a child, and these two years have left him with memories of his hometown that he will never forget.

This oil painting was created in 2015 and depicts Yuyao in the impression of Po Shin Lau.

In recent years, many groups and individuals have donated their collections to museums in order to better protect and inherit these cultural relics and artworks. According to the staff of Yuyao Museum, when the time is right, the museum will hold temporary exhibitions for the public to appreciate.

(Source: Yuyao News Network, Editor: Xia Lixia (夏丽霞))